Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about a Viking product? See our Frequently Asked Questions below for the answer you need. Still can’t find the answer? Viking has a toll-free number, 1-888-VIKING1 (1-888-845-4641), which consumers may call to speak with a representative on specific product or service questions.

General Questions
Where can I find Viking product specifications?
How much do Viking products cost?
Where can I purchase Viking products?
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Cleaning and Maintenance Questions
What do I use to clean the stainless steel on my Viking product?
How do I clean my burner grates?
How do I clean my ranges burner heads?
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Installation Questions
What different installation options are available for my Viking Professional Microwave Oven?
Can the Viking microwave be installed over built-in wall ovens?
Can my Viking hood be smaller than my cooking product?
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Cooking Appliance Questions
What is the difference between a Viking open burner and a Viking sealed burner?
What is the highest BTU rating for a Viking gas burner?
Can ranges be converted to LP gas?
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Ventilation Appliance Questions
Is the rail option available on all hoods?
What does CFM stand for?
Can I use a downdraft with my Viking range?
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Refrigeration Appliance Questions
What is the Viking Adjustable Cold Zoneā„¢ Drawer?
Do Viking Built-In Refrigerators have one or two compressors?
In Refrigerators with Ice Dispensers, what types of ice does the dispenser serve?
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Wine Cellar Appliance Questions
How do wine cellars protect my wines?
Does the glass door on Viking Wine Cellars offer protection against UV rays?
What temperatures are best for serving wine?
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Kitchen Cleanup Appliance Questions
Loading the Silverware/Cutlery Basket in Your Viking Dishwasher
Extra Quiet Operation Hints for your Viking Dishwasher
Are Viking dishwashers Energy Star qualified?
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Outdoor Appliance Questions
Do the Outdoor stainless steel cabinets come with countertops?
Will my grill hold up in the outdoor elements?
Will special care be required if my grill is placed in a high salt environment?
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TurboChef Oven Questions
Can I cook my own recipes?
When the oven is done cooking, does it automatically turn off? What if I forget to turn it off?
Can adjustments to a preprogrammed setting be saved? Will adjustments be saved automatically?
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